Back in inaction

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We got our living room finished after buying some new furniture and the “media closet” is all done (pictures soon!) so we’re moving right along… at least, we were. Sometime between moving our old couch out, moving the new couch in and moving school furniture around for Rhonda, I threw out my back. Maybe it just gave up, I don’t know… all I know is that it hurts like crazy. So the last few days I’ve been pretty much out of action which is very uncool. It does seem to be getting a little better though so Lord willing I’ll be up and working again soon.

In other news, I’ll be playing at First Southern Baptist Church on July 4th here in Dover… I’m not sure the time yet so I’ll get back to y’all on that. It’s an outdoor dealio with food and a few other bands playing. Should be a fun time for all. That’s it for now, talk to you soon!

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