Picture day or The long Advil Cold and Sinus fueled night of Joe

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I’ve got a wicked cold. Seriously, I’ve sneezed 749 times today and I’m tempted to remove my nose. Sooooooo, since I can’t sleep I figured I’d post something on here (at the wee hour of 4:30am). However, due to my heavily medicated state (thanks Advil cold and sinus!)… I’m a bit cautious to write too much. So I thought to myself, “Self, what would Chuck Norris do?” and since I can’t scissor kick someone in the head while “the eyes of the ranger are upon you” plays in the background, I moved on to Plan B… random pictures!

Here’s my lovely wife Rhonda out in Ohio this past weekend… less than three months until we meet Baby Bassett! Oh, and yesterday was our 9th anniversary so yay for us!


I saw this really cool Presbyterian church in Beaver, PA while we were there and Rhonda snapped a picture for me. Such a cool building… we didn’t get to go inside but it was still fun to see.

Presbyterian Church

Here is my media closet that I worked on… I’m kind of proud of myself.

DVD closet

Here’s the goat that tried to kill us in Ohio.


A picture from the July 4th show I played at.

july 4th show

Rhonda and I at an Orioles game last month (yes they lost, back off!)… this was taken with my patented “long arm outstretched” technique.


Here’s the duck that was about to jump/mug/murder another duck/goose/swan thing. It was pretty brutal… flippers and feathers went flying in the chaos, no duck was safe. Ok, not really… we just thought this picture was funny.


And one more picture of Rhonda from Ohio (at a nifty Ice Cream place called Ye Olde Mill)… I was trying to be all artsy and “Kierstin Casella-like” when I took this. I think it’s cool but mostly because it’s a picture of my awesome wife… my camera skills tend to prove that I should be a musician.


There you go… some pics from the life of yours truly. Time to try and get some sleep because tomorrow night is The Police concert, rock and roll!


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