Seeing with different eyes

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There’s a thunder storm rolling in from the north and the hot summer-like day has given way to a cool, crisp, fall evening. I just made a pot of Peet’s Arabian Mocha Java and Callie is curled up in her bassinet sleeping while Rhonda’s folding some clothes. It’s amazing how all of these things that I’ve experienced many times before seem so much different now. Even the house we’ve lived in for the past 5 years seems transformed. When we were driving home from the hospital, Rhonda mentioned how everything looks the same but somehow isn’t. That’s how it feels, it’s almost like you see things with different eyes… not necessarily clearer but different all the same. All because of one little girl, a girl our world now revolves around in so many ways. What a blessing she has been to us in such a short period of time!

The storm is getting a bit closer… our living room is lit up with every flash of lightning. Maybe I’ll have one more cup of coffee before Callie wakes up and looks at me with those beautiful eyes. I think she has Rhonda’s eyes…

Grace and peace,

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