Nashville or bust!

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We’re getting everything packed up for a road trip to Nashville tomorrow. I’m heading out to work with Jeremy Casella again on a set of new songs. I love working with Jeremy and it’ll be good to get back into the studio and get these songs out for y’all. Plus, we just really love Nashville and any chance to be there is one we’ll take. This will be Callie’s first road trip, it’s a pretty long drive so we’ll see how it goes. We have Thursday open so we’re going to take her to all of our favorite haunts. Should be a fun and productive week!

I’m thinking of releasing this EP a little differently, possibly releasing it as a free download on this site… I’ll let you know more as I get it all figured out. I’ll also be posting pictures from the studio and keep you updated on our progress. So stay tuned for that.

Time to go finish packing, check the guitars and see if it all fits in my car… talk to you in a day or so!

Grace and peace,

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