Back home and exhausted

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Well, I was going to post from the studio Saturday but we ended up putting in a nearly 12 hour day. By the time I got to the hotel I was beat and then we drove pretty much all day yesterday. So I’ll post a few pictures now that I’m slowly returning to the land of the living.

It was a great, whirlwind of a trip and it was so nice to hang with the Casella’s again and even more so now that we’re all parents. I finished up my guitar parts and vocals before I left and now Casella will be working on stuff over the next month or so… adding piano, guitars, vocals, etc and then mixing/mastering. I’m really looking forward to hearing it all when it’s fleshed out instead of just hearing it in my head. I’ll post a bit more as I get back in the daily grind, for now here are some pictures from the trip…

My Martin and Jeremy\'s Epiphone

Recordig with Jeremy\'s Gibson

Callie playing piano with her Momma

Callie hanging out while Daddy works


I’ll post a few more later!


PS, happy baseball opening day!

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