The seasons always change

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My little girl is taking a nap and I’m enjoying a good cup of coffee while trying to get a few things done around the house. The weather outside is perfect. The kind of cool and crisp fall day that makes you want to sit out on the deck and take it all in. For me it’s like the whole year has been leading up to this season… just when you can’t take the hot and humid days anymore, a change comes. My life has felt like that lately too. When I get a bit too overwhelmed by the weight of the world, the seasons finally change. The leaves turn and it gets just a little bit easier to breathe again. It never lasts long but usually it lasts just long enough. So as I sit here, watching the trees sway in the cool breeze while the leaves cling on for a little while longer, I’m reminded once again. The seasons always change… eventually.


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-Francis Schaeffer