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Released April 24th, 2009
Produced by Jeremy Casella
1. Blackbird Creek 2. Everything Changes 3. Baltimore 4. It’ll Be Alright 5. This Great Divide
6. Love Still Remains

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Nothing Hurts Like The Truth CD $8

Released June 5th, 2007
Produced by Jeremy Casella
1. When The World Seems So Dark 2. Careless 3. The Best That I Can 4. Chasing Windmills
5. Something New 6. Nothing Hurts Like The Truth 7. I Would Fall Apart (Without You)
8. September, Fade Away 9. Love Rescued Me 10. Till Morning Comes Round My Way

Promised Land

Promised Land CD $6

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Released July 2004
Produced by Andrew Osenga
1. To the Hills I Lift My eyes 2. Promised Land 3. The Great Unknown
4. She’s So Beautiful 5. Home

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