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After All Is Said And Done EP

After All Is Said And Done (2009)

1. Blackbird Creek
2. Everything Changes
3. Baltimore
4. It’ll Be Alright
5. This Great Divide
6. Love Still Remains

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Nothing Hurts Like The Truth (2007)

1. When The World Seems So Dark
2. Careless
3. The Best That I Can
4. Chasing Windmills
5. Something New
6. Nothing Hurts Like The Truth
7. I Would Fall Apart (Without You)
8. September, Fade Away
9. Love Rescued Me
10. Till Morning Comes Round My Way

Promised Land

Promised Land (2004)

1. To The Hills I Lift My Eyes
2. Promised Land
3. The Great Unknown
4. She’s So Beautiful
5. Home

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