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Words and music by Joe

The bright lights of the city lead the wayward children home
From the rhythm and the rhyme of the day
Well there’s a girl waiting for me somewhere in those blinding lights
Waiting patiently for me to find my way

‘Cause I’ve been running down the highway, shooting through those concrete veins
Like a ghost looking for somewhere to haunt
Just a place to call my own and a girl to call my friend
All that any man could ever want

Like a river flows to the sea
Like the sun dances with the moon
Like roots reaching down to the ground beneath
I only wanna be with you

The sky opens up to Heaven like the parting of the seas
As the night washes over Baltimore
And there’s music in the air, a song that everyone can sing
A melody to lead me to your door

Down past the harbor and through the city’s heart
I’m moving to the beat of its drum
Pulled by a tether over every ebb and flow
And you’re always at the end when it’s done

Repeat chorus

There’s a longing that whispers from the depths of this man’s heart
A seed that time and distance has now sown
It speaks of a love that burns much brighter than the stars
A love that lights this lonely road home
A love that lights this lonely road home

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