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Words and Music by Joe

Here I come around the corner hanging my head
I walk like a man who’d rather be dead
I’ve got plenty of reasons to not stay around for long
Because I’ve got my own priorities and they’re all wrong

I’m standing right here but I’m a million miles away
My heart’s been beating for someone else today
I’ve got things to do and I’ve got places to go
Well it’s just my way; I would’ve thought you’d know that…

I’m so careless
I’m so careless
I’m so careless when it comes to you

I lay me down onto this offering plate
But I’m just an offering trying to get away
All bent and broken, sick, lame and blind
It’s like I’m telling you that you’re not worth my time

Well there’s something to be said for fearful man
Who sees the glory just beyond a fallen land
A man who is thankful for the good and the bad
Lord knows it’s more than I deserve to have because…

Repeat chorus

I’ve got it all but I can’t help but complain
My very freedom has become a rusted chain
It’s tied me down and it’s blinded my eyes
To the Maker of mountains, valleys and skies

So tear down these walls and soften this heart
To all that you’ve done and all that you are
Roll away this stone of complacency
And help me to live like I’ve been set free because…

Repeat chorus

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"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer