Chasing Windmills

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Words and music by Joe

I woke up early this morning
To hear the melody of the world’s siren song
It seeped into my room like cold air through an open window

So I walked out my front door
And made my way east to the country side
Across valleys and hills underneath the morning light

I’m long gone
I’m long gone
Chasing windmills again

With only the clothes on my back
I’m gonna find me a dragon to slay
I’m gonna take my chances ’cause you never know till you try

It’s not like I shouldn’t know better
God knows I’ve heard it all before
But it’s just like they say, the grass always looks a bit greener
At least for a while

Repeat chorus

Some people think I’ve got it all
A wife and kids, a house to call my own
You’d think that would be enough but man, you’d be wrong
‘Cause I’m still long gone
Yeah, I’m still long gone… chasing windmills again

I could build a mountain with this wasted time
Each and every stone for each and every lie
And when I’m done it would reach up to the sky
But I’d still tell you I’m doing fine… but I’m not fine
I’m chasing windmills again

All content © 2008 Joe Bassett. Please, no thievery.


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