Everything Changes

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Words and music by Joe

This American land right outside my front door
It looks nothing like the one that was outside there before
I never saw it coming; they say you never do
Well, everything changes and here in my hometown… I guess that’s true

But I remember our old house and the front porch we sat on
How the wood floors were cool on my feet, even when the days were so warm
I drove by there the other day, don’t know who lives there now
I still miss that old house but this place just don’t feel like my hometown

Maybe I’m just getting older or maybe I’m just stuck in my ways
But it all feels so different that I just feel out of place
The farms are all gone just like they were never there
It’s like the home I knew passed away and faded into thin air

I remember the moment that I first fell in love
She looked right at me and I all but gave up
That was twelve long years ago, yeah, those hands keep spinning ‘round
I love that girl more than ever but this place just don’t feel like my hometown

It’s like one day the world just came crashing in
Drowned out all that I loved and all that might’ve been
All that might’ve been

There’s almost no room to breathe, at least it seems that way
Too afraid to move on and too afraid to stay
My friends all said goodbye and left for the promised land
Maybe I wish that they stayed or maybe I wish that I left with them

I remember those days but it seems like a lifetime ago
It all seemed so simple, it all moved so slow
But now I just don’t belong like a seed fallen on hard ground
Yeah, everything changes and this place just don’t feel like my hometown

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