It’ll Be Alright

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Words and music by Joe

There’s a fire that burns deep inside of me
Like some runaway train trying to break free
I can feel it in the quiet of the night
It’s there even if it’s out of sight
And though patience is a virtue, it’s no help for me tonight

You can try all you want to plug up the holes in the dam
But the water will always find a way to get back in
You see, I’m not like some people that we know
Those who went the way that everybody goes
Honey, it’s not easy but maybe the best things do come slow

It’ll be all right, just you wait and see
I’ll keep knocking on doors if you’ll just keep walking with me

There are times I want to give up and times I want to make a stand
And either one of those will make me reach out to grasp your hand
Because I don’t want to face this all alone
And I don’t want to walk out in fear of the unknown
But how long can you wait to reap what’s already been sown?

Repeat chorus

If only I could give you some peace of mind
Hold back all your worries until you leave them all behind
Baby all I want is to do right by you
Baby all I want is to do right by you

Repeat chorus

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