I Would Fall Apart (Without You)

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Words and music by Joe

Another long day in another long year
Still got dust on my clothes from falling down here
It’s a heavy load for any man to bear
It’ll break your back and leave you lying there

Sometimes it’s hard to live off a seed of faith
As you make your way through this dirty place
‘Cause it’ll bleed you dry no matter what you do
It’ll tear you down if it ever gets close to you

And I would fall apart without you
Yeah, I would fall apart without you
No one knows me better than you do

There’s always someone knocking on my door
And I don’t know if I can take it anymore
Maybe someday I’ll die from the curiosity
So I pray that you won’t ever let go of me

Repeat chorus

I want to find freedom from the day to day
I want to find joy in the narrow way
I want to find hope in every grain of sand
Washed on the shoreline of the Maker’s hand

Repeat chorus

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