September Fade Away

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Words and music by Joe

There’s a change coming, I can feel it in the air
It stirs up something deep inside of me
Rolling on the winds from God only knows where
Reaching for some distant memory

There’s no more preparing the way
September, fade away

It’s like some kind of redemption that summer never brings
Like the seasons rise just so they can fall
And in this moment I can hear my heart sing
After months of longing for it all

Repeat chorus

Once we’re through this haze I will breathe again
My eyes will finally open wide
This long, dark night will come to an end
And then we’ll wake to see the world alive

Repeat chorus

I’ve waited so long to see you there
Surrounded by colors as leaves dance on the air
And as I watch them fall down at your feet
This might be all I’ll ever need
This might be all I’ll ever need
This might be all I’ll ever need

I know that these days, they just can’t last
What else is left for them to say
Because all things must soon lose their grasp
So c’mon, September, fade away…

All content © 2008 Joe Bassett. Please, no thievery.


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