Something New

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Words and music by Joe

Broken bottles laid before our feet
Along the edges of this city street
We’re trying our best to never leave
We’ll just drift along

Winter comes to chase away the fall
The leaves have changed but you haven’t changed at all
And it’s our names that these neon lights call
They beckon us to stay

Maybe we could lose ourselves
Disappear for a moment or two
Maybe this’ll break me
And then make me something new
Something new

A sea of empty faces pass us by
I could be one of them if I tried
We could swim deep into this tide
And let it take us far away

We’ll find a way to rise above the madness
Find a place to wait out all the sadness
And before long maybe we’ll taste of gladness
From a cup so divine

Repeat chorus

It’s like the world never stops
And there’s always something better
Just around the way
And if that’s really the case
Maybe we should keep walking
Until we see the light of day

Repeat chorus

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