The Best That I Can

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Words and music by Joe

You’ve seen the wreckage that I try to hide inside me
All that I’m ashamed of strung out across a highway
You’ve seen me stumble and you’ve seen me fall
But you’ve stuck with me, stuck with me despite it all

Never been very good with my own words
Far from eloquent is less than you deserve
I’m a broken man in desperate need of grace
It’s written like an epitaph in every line on my face

I might not build you a mansion on a hill
That overlooks the waters so calm and still
These things were never mine to give to you
I’ve just got this heart on my sleeve so prone to break in two

Oh darlin, this world’s got nothing for you and me
Everything that we’ve got is all we’ll ever need
And on a day like this when all I get is pushed around
I just wanna get home to you before I hit the ground

I don’t want to wear you down with my foolish ways
I’ve been trying to repair these edges as they fray
Because I may be far from a perfect man
But I’ll do the best; do the best that a man like me can
Yeah I’ll do the best, do the best that a man like me can
Yeah I’ll do the best, I’ll do the best… the best that I can

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"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer