This Great Divide

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Words and music by Joe

I’m trying my best to take just one step at a time
I’m learning that love is more than enough to change my mind
But all the heartache and every mistake that I’ve made
They weigh me down more each and every day

I’m gonna leave it all on the other side
Leave it all on the other side
Leave it all on the other side
Of this great divide

I’ve been looking for the keys to all the insecurities of my heart
I’ve been tearing down walls until my façade falls apart
Thirty years of clues but I’m still asking who I am
Staring at a mystery that I just don’t understand

Repeat chorus

There always comes a moment when you don’t know what you’ll do
You just stare out at those crossroads as they stare right back at you
And the years keep passing by while you’re just standing still
You say things will be different now but you don’t know if they will

If you fall down enough you’ll learn you can’t stand up on your own
And some things you hold onto will end up sinking you like a stone
So I’m throwing away all the doubts that still plague my head
No more resurrecting these things that should stay dead

Repeat chorus 3x

All content © 2008 Joe Bassett. Please, no thievery.


"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
-Francis Schaeffer